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nutrition mountain biking fuel

Top 5 Ways to Fuel Your Mountain Bike Adventures

‘Eat to ride, ride to eat’  – it’s a mantra many of us follow. And why not? Mountain biking not only brings us outdoors with friends, breathing in the fresh air and hammering along incredible trails, but it also burns major calories. Staying...

free things to do in Boulder Colorado

10 Free Things to do in Boulder, Colorado

Boulder, Colorado is known for its outdoor adventure, fitness, tech startups, food, beer, art and overall happiness of its residents. CBS Sunday Morning called Boulder ‘The Happiest Place in the U.S.’. The city recognizes that when you provide...

Identifying your best mountain bike saddle

The best saddle for mountain biking: 6 steps to the perfect seat!

Finding the right saddle can be a frustrating and torturous endeavor. Saddle problems can lead to pain and discomfort in other areas of your body, often caused by areas of high pressure due to incorrect saddle choice or position. Indeed, the...

14 Best Mountain Bike Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

14 Best Mountain Bike Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

Here are 14 ingenious, free, easy and cheap mountain bike hacks that will help you keep your bike, body and gear running smoothly all-season long. And some don’t even involve duct tape or zipties!  1 – Store ‘take with you’ sunscreen and...

International Women’s Mountain Bike Day!

Ladies: DIVE IN for Women’s Mountain Bike Day!

Hey ladies: block off Saturday May 5 for a special dirt date!  IMBA (mountain biking’s biggest public advocacy group) has officially named the first Saturday of every May as International Women’s Mountain Bike Day!   The aims of an...

mountain biking Cowboy Trails in Red Rock Canyon Las Vegas

RIDE IT Series - mountain biking the Cowboy Trails in Red Rock Canyon near Las Vegas!

Our next report from the Sacred Rides Boulder 'Ride It!' series, where our fearless leader Lauren travels the country in search of the BEST mountain bike rides for the winter months! If you live in a cold location (and you don't want to fat bike...