14 Best Mountain Bike Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

14 Best Mountain Bike Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

Here are 14 ingenious, free, easy and cheap mountain bike hacks that will help you keep your bike, body and gear running smoothly all-season long. And some don’t even involve duct tape or zipties!


1 – Store ‘take with you’ sunscreen and chamois butter in contact lens case

mountain bike hacks sunscreen

2 – Store multitool, chaintool, tire levers and CO2 cartridges in a glasses case

mountain bike hacks multitool

3 – Keep ‘take with you’ lube in a travel-size shampoo container

mountain bike hacks lube shampoo

4 – Use inner tubes as resistance bands for pre-post-ride stretching

mountain bike hacks inner tube stretching

5 – Tape 2 old toothbrushes together as a chain cleaner

mountain bike hacks toothbrush

6 – Use electrical tape to attach energy gels to your top tube for easy access

mountain bike hacks toptube gel

7 – Ziptie old inner tubes around chain stays for protection

mountain bike hacks chainstay protection

8 – Clean hydration-pack bladders with baking soda (3 tablespoons with a bit of bleach and warm water)

mountain bike hacks baking soda bladder

9 – Clean GoPro case in the dishwasher

mountain bike hacks GoPro dishwasher

10 – Drain and store hydration-pack bladder in the freezer to avoid anything growing in it

mountain bike hacks bladder in freezer

11 – Ride out with a broken rear shift cable by tightening the high limit screw (marked with an “H”) to force he derailleur into an easier gear

mountain bike hacks high limit screw

12 – Add salt to hand cleaner for a proper scrub to remove grease

mountain bike hacks hand scrub

13 – Patch a punctured side wall with an energy bar wrapper or dollar bill

mountain bike hacks energy wrapper boot tire

14 – Last but not least – clean your helmets in the dishwasher! (do not use hot cycle and turn off the drying, of course!)

mountain bike hacks helmet dishwasher

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