Ladies: DIVE IN for Women’s Mountain Bike Day!

International Women’s Mountain Bike Day!

Hey ladies: block off Saturday May 5 for a special dirt date!


IMBA (mountain biking’s biggest public advocacy group) has officially named the first Saturday of every May as International Women’s Mountain Bike Day!


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 The aims of an official ‘holiday for women who shred’ are to make women riders more visible, generate ideas for improving women’s engagement in the sport, and create a welcoming environment for enthusiasm and fun.

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Although there are many women making a difference in mountain biking where they live, there are still far fewer of them engaged. Leadership teams at local mountain bike organizations and trail groups are overwhelmingly male-only.

How can we CHANGE this? 

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When women get activated and involved with something they’re passionate about, they do amazing things. We’ve included a list of ways to MAKE CHANGE below, but simply showing your non-cycling girlfriends the ropes of mountain biking, or getting out and adding one more woman to the trails are perfect ways to celebrate #WomensMTBday.

 Women’s Mountain Bike Day came out of the 2018 IMBA UPRISING event (which I attended) – the first-ever women’s mountain bike conference. Nearly 150 women descended on the bicycle-loving town of Bentonville, Arkansas to talk trails, communities and being a champion for both.

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Some of the most successful women mtb advocates in the country shared marketing strategies, promoting mountain biking through data, life as a professional woman trail builder, and hosting rides and events with a purpose. Female leaders from IMBA chapters, bicycle industry companies and successful outdoor nonprofits shared their experiences and offered tips, tricks and templates for the attendees to implement back home, with the goal of making where we live better for mountain biking. 

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Here are some ways you can MAKE CHANGE:


Plan a special ride with your girlfriends - take your mom, daughter, or sister for her first-ever mtb ride; get some ladies together specifically to practice skills and session sections of trail that you all want to master!

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Organize a women-only trail volunteer day, giving the opportunity to learn about trail maintenance and proper tool use, then get dirty supporting your favorite trail!


Host a women’s-only bike maintenance night or advocacy talk. Fixing a flat or adjusting sloppy shifting are skills every woman should be confident in doing. Or give a presentation about how to get involved in trail building in your community and advocate for more resources, access, and youth programming where you live!

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Host a women’s night at a local bike shop -  network, meet vendors, listen to talks by female leaders in the bike industry. Get to know who is in your mtb community, and give those who are curious but nervous a chance to come out and ask questions in a friendly environment!

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I guarantee that leading or participating in any of these activities on May 5th - or any time this year - will be a lasting, rewarding, happiness-inducing experience!

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Women are cautious, careful, thoughtful creatures, and we don't often take risks with abandon.  I encourage all of you ladies to not just ‘lean in’, but DIVE IN!  Use this day as a catalyst to both celebrate and encourage women in mountain biking!

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