Here are some of our most frequently asked general questions. If you have questions about a specific trip, click on the 'Details' tab on the Ride's individual web page

Who are your GETAWAYS guides?

All of our Getaways guides are locals who live, work and play in the regions where they guide. They undergo extensive training before they are allowed to operate and guide their Rides, and are some of the friendliest, most professional guides you'll meet in the industry.

Our Getaways guides take great pride in showing you the awesome riding and culture of their home region. Their local knowledge, enthusiasm, and passion are your ticket to an unforgettable experience.


How long have you been in business?

Sacred Rides has been offering the world's best mountain bike adventures since 1996, and we have won numerous awards in that time, including "#1 Mountain Bike Tour Operator on Earth" by National Geographic Adventure magazine. From our humble beginnings in beautiful Fernie, British Columbia, we have expanded to offer Rides all around the world, with a focus on local communities and giving back to the areas where we ride.

Our Getaways program was launched in 2016, providing passionate mountain bikers around the world with the tools, training and platform to offer incredible 1 and 2-day mountain bike adventures on their local trails.  


What is included and not included in each trip?

You can view what's included on each Ride by clicking on the ‘What’s Included’ tab on that Ride’s page. 

How far in advance should I book my Ride?

For day trips you may be able to book as late as the day before, but in general we recommend booking at least 2 or 3 days in advance for day trips, and checking in with the Getaways operator to ensure that he/she is able to run a departure on your preferred date (if it is only 2 or 3 days away).

For 2-day Rides, we recommend booking at least a week or more in advance, as there may be accommodation and other suppliers involved that the Getaways operator will need to check in with if the departure is coming up soon. 


How do I book my spot on a Ride?

You can book your spot on a Ride by clicking 'Book Now' on any Ride page or the schedule page, or by calling the Getaways operator at the phone number(s) listed at the bottom of their site.. 


How fit do I need to be?

Getaways Rides vary in difficulty, from beginner Rides to full-on expert-level adventures for very experienced Riders. Take a look at both the skill and fitness rating of any Ride(s) you’re interested in, the ‘Is This Ride Right For Me?’ section, and if there is any video, watch that as well.

If you’re still unsure if a Ride is right for you, pick up the phone and call the local Getaways operator (the phone number is listed at the bottom of the website)

There will always be slower and faster riders on every trip; in general we try to cultivate a strong group dynamic so that people understand it's not about logging as many miles as possible on the odometer but about enjoying the spectacular riding and scenery inthe company of other riders, and that may require waiting every now and then.

If there is a substantial enough split in the group that it will affect Riders' enjoyment of the trip, your Getaways guide(s) may split up the groups if possible. 

Please read our Skill and Fitness Guide for more information.


Who goes on Sacred Rides' trips?

Our Riders are passionate mountain bikers and adventurers from around the world, united by a love for cycling and mountain biking, and a passion for exploring the world. They are typically between the ages of 30 and 55, but we also get people younger and older than that range. You'll meet some of the most interesting and friendly people in the world on our Getaways!

What is a typical day like?

Because our Getaways occur all over the world, and are run by passionate locals, each day and each Ride is different from the next. 

For one-day Rides, you can typically expect to start between 9 am and 10am, and finish around 4 or 5pm - but this of course varies. For all-day Rides you can also typically expect a lunch, either a packed lunch on the trail, a sit-down lunch at a restaurant, or a trailside picnic lunch served on tables.

For 2-day Rides, your day may include a little more variety, with perhaps some off-bike adventures such as hiking or swimming. If you’re opting for the lodging option, then your breakfast may start earlier, say 7:30 or 8am.


What is your maximum group size?

On most of our Rides, the maximum is 10 Riders and 2 guides, but this may vary according to the type of Ride (for instance, more advanced Rides may have smaller group sizes for safety, while beginner Rides on dirt roads may have a slightly larger group size).

What if I'm traveling alone?

Not to worry - we get lots and lots of solo Riders on our Getaways. Our solo Riders tell us the best part of our Rides is being able to travel solo and meet lots of great people from around the world. On 2-day Rides with a lodging option, solo Riders are paired in double rooms with another Rider of the same gender, or may opt for a single room upgrade.

What are the rooming arrangements?

On 2-day Rides, if you opt for the lodging option you'll usually have a shared private room with (typically but not always) a private bath. Couples will generally receive queen or king size beds, while other riders will be paired two to a room, with someone of the same gender. Single Riders can opt for a single room upgrade to get a room to themselves. 


What kind of accommodation do you use?

Our accommodations vary greatly, but in general you can expect comfortable midrange lodges and hotels. Our Getaways operators try to select locally-owned accommodation that offers unique local character, often owned and staffed by local 'characters'.


What's the food like? Can you accommodate special dietary requests?

Our Getaways operators try to select meals that are typical of the region you are riding in, and you can expect hearty, healthy fare that will keep your energy up while keeping your wasitline trim. 

On 1-day Rides, lunches are typically included (check the ‘What’s Included’ tab on any Ride page), while on 2-day Rides, breakfasts and dinners may also be included. 

Our Getaways operators can usually accommodate almost all dietary requests, which you can enter into the booking form when making your reservation, but it’s best to check in with them first before making a booking.


Should I bring my own bike or do you offer rentals?

If possible, bring your own bike; you will ride better and with more comfort on your own bike than you will with a rental. 

However, we recognize that most people joining a 1 or 2-day Ride probably won’t go to the trouble of bringing a bike with them, so we offer good quality local rentals at all of our Getaways destinations - generally full-suspension although where full-suspension is not available (or needed) our operators will offer hardtails.


Do you take children or young adults on your trips?

Typically yes, although this is up to each Getaways operator and depends on the types of Rides they are offering. Some operators may even offer family-specific Rides, check the main site (http://getaways.sacredrides.com/rides) and select the ‘Family-friendly’ checkbox to show family-friendly Rides around the world.


Do you offer private departures for small groups?

Yes, our Getaways operators can arrange custom and private trips! Contact the local Getaways operator and let him/her know your group size and wishlist (i.e. do you want to do a private group version of an existing Ride, do you want to customize an existing Ride, or do you want to create something from scratch?). He/she will get back to you with pricing for your group.

Can you help me plan a trip extension?

Yes! Our local Getaways operators know the regions where they guide intimately and can offer suggestions and advice on what to do and where to stay before or after your Ride. Many of our Rides offer carefully thought-out extensions such as a volcano hike, a kayaking side-trip or a visit to a remote monastery that can be simply added on to your booking at the time of your booking, or anytime afterwards.

Should I buy medical insurance and/or trip cancellation insurance?

All Getaways Riders are required to have valid travel medical insurance if they are traveling to a region where their normal medical coverage does not apply. Our system will ask you to fill out a form with your medical insurance policy information and general medical information before each trip. This information will be kept strictly confidential. 

Cancellation insurance is also strongly advised. With it, you will avoid losing the funds you have invested in your trip and flight due to an emergency or illness, or illness or death of an immediate family member. Some cancellation policies also provide baggage loss protection and other protection.

n.b. if you have your own travel medical insurance policy (e.g. through your work), please ensure that it covers adventure travel, specifically mountain bike trips - some policies exclude what they deem to be 'extreme' sports, and often mountain biking falls into that category. 

If you don't have your own insurance, you can purchase some via our insurance page.


Do you offer discounts or rewards for returning Riders?

Sorry, we don't offer discounts on Getaways Rides - our goal is to deliver the highest-quality experiences and discounting makes it hard to do that.

What do I need to bring?

A detailed packing list is available under the Logistics tab of each of our Rides.


What if I have to cancel?

For 1-day Rides, or less (e.g. half-day or evening Rides), you may cancel up to 5 days before departure date and get a full refund.

For 2-day Rides, you may cancel up to 30 days prior to departure date and get a full refund. For cancellations made 15 to 29 days in advance, you will receive a 50% refund, and for cancellations made 14 days or less in advance of the departure date, your payment will be forfeited. The reason for this is that our Getaways operators need to make hotel and other reservations well in advance and may face significant cancellation penalties (and zero refunds) if they cancel with less than 14 days notice.


What if you need to cancel a trip?

Once a trip is scheduled, it's confirmed as per our Guaranteed Departures policy. We will never cancel a trip due to low numbers. You can go ahead and start looking into flights and making other arrangements right away. 

However, trip cancellation insurance is still recommended as in very rare cases, situations beyond our control such as natural disasters, political unest or other similar events come up that may compromise the safety and enjoyability of a trip. In such extreme cases, we must reserve the right to cancel a trip, in which case we will give you a spot on another departure of the same Ride, or a full credit to use towards any of our other Rides.